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Authority of the Attorney General

Article 103 of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland states that the Attorney-General and the Deputies make up the Procuracy. In addition, Article 99 declares that the Judiciary is composed of the Courts and the Procuracy. Article 107 identifies the Attorney-General as a member of the Judicial Commission and Article 113 states that the Procuracy is one of a number of Special Organs of State.

Functions of the Attorney General

The main role of the Procuracy is to supervise the observance of the law by all government ministries as well as by all citizens. In practical terms, the Attorney-General and the Deputies acts on behalf of the state in the prosecution of criminal cases in front of the law courts in the country.
Article 43 of the Law of the Organisation of the Judiciary also vests additional responsibilities in the Attorney-General including the responsibility to protect human rights, to direct and supervise police investigation and to register civil and business organisations.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision
“a just, secure and stable society.”

Our Mission
“to provide efficient and professional public prosecutions and legal services to the government and the public for the purpose of facilitating, promoting and monitoring:

  • The rule of law
  • The protection of human rights