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supervising the observance of the law by all government ministries as well as by all citizens.


Authority of the Attorney-General

Article 103 of the Constitution of the Republic of Somaliland states that the Attorney-General and the Deputies make up the Procuracy. In addition, Article 99 declares that the Judiciary is composed of the Courts and the Procuracy. Article 107 identifies the Attorney-General as a member of the Judicial Commission and Article 113 states that the Procuracy is one of a number of Special Organs of State.

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Criminal Justice Department

The Director and staff of the Criminal Justice Department is responsible for providing advice

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Legal Services and Strategy Management Department

The Department has a dual function: as legal officers

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SGBV Department

The Department provides advice and support to the Attorney-General in developing and directing the AGO’s

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Administration Department

The Administration Department is responsible for financial management and providing the

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Training and library of the Attorney General office

The role of this center is to promote effective prosecutors training, it also strategically positioned to play supporting role in the judicial reform of the judiciary specially prosecutors in this contemporary era.