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Somaliland Attorney General Office > Trainings & Library


As part of the new mechanisms to strength the training program arm of the prosecutors, the attorney general have established special center of training in collaboration of the European Union (EU CUP).
This Centre of training will be responsible for the management of training and promoting the knowledge and experience of the prosecutors in order to get well professional and experienced prosecutors.
The role of this center is to promote effective prosecutors training, it also strategically positioned to play supporting role in the judicial reform of the judiciary specially prosecutors in this contemporary era.
The main aim of this Centre will be getting professional prosecutors who can do their duties skillfully and confidentially. It also aims to strength the capacity of the attorney general office. This Centre will provide the prosecutors trainings such as.

  • trainings with the prosecutors
  • priorities training themes
  • asses the impacts of training on performance of trainees
  • Carry out training needs assessment for the prosecutors.
  • Preparing and coordinating the trainer’s trainees and the place of the training
  • Serve as repository for all training materials that training program needs

The structure of Centre of trainings will be under the department of planning and legal service and their structure will;
Center Coordinator head responsible for the management of the training programs of the center and his function will be:

  • Coordinate and prepare the training programs of the center
  • Preparing the training programs, schedule and informing the trainees, trainers and also preparing the training place and materials needed for the training
  • Ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of the training programs
  • Ensure proper continuation of the training programs
  • Prepare annual reports of the training programs.


According to attorney generals plan for 2019, getting library for the prosecutors is a priority for offices plan in order to to take part the enhancement and experience of prosecutors, for that reason the office of the attorney generals established library which prosecutors will get the needed books and references relating their duties and responsibilities .
The library of the center staff will have some staff and their duties will be:

  • Working the library
  • Keeping all the materials of the library
  • Receiving and collecting books